Would I be able to place an order on my Twitch channel if I am banned from Viewerlabs?
Unfortunately no. If your channel is banned on Viewerlabs, we can't run the package for you, even under a different username. Your best option is to create a new channel.
What payments do you accept?
We accept PayPal or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. For further information, please contact us on live chat.
How does live viewers work?
Once a package is purchased, you can control your viewer bots with access to our dashboard that's easy to learn.
How do chatters work?
You can easily access your chatter bots via dashboard after your package is purchased. From there, you can control the amount of chatters you want.
How do followers work?
If you purchase the followers package, you're able to control the amount of follower bots you want to follow your channel, whether that is all at once or daily.
Are channel views also live viewers?
No, channel views and live viewers are different. Channel views are the amount of views your channel has, and that can occur while you're offline. Live views are the amount of viewers that will show up on your channel only when you're live.
What are VOD/Clip Views?
They are views that will help you with your Twitch archive videos and clip videos. If you need any assistance, please contact us on live chat.
Do you sell followers only?
Yes, there's a section on the menu called "Followers" that you should check out. You'll be happy with the wholesale pricing.
Can i host/raid channels?
Unfortunately, raids do not work, but hosting another channel will work. Your channel must be live at the same time as the channel you're hosting. You can go offline 5 minutes after.
What is the E-Wallet?
With every package that you purchase, you will be credited 5% of that amount. You can then use your E-Wallet amount to receive discounts on future packages or even for free if you accumulate enough.
How do I access my dashboard?
After you purchase a package, you'll receive a "Manage" link on your receipt. Click on that, and you should have access. Or you can simply go to "My Account," "Packages," and then click on "Manage." Remember, every package has an expiry date so make sure you use it before then.
How many usernames can I submit on a package?
Each purchased package is locked to one username. If you wish to use another username, you can buy multiple packages.
How do I upgrade my current package?
It's very simple. You can purchase another package for yourself. You are able to purchase as many as you wish.